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Well yet another day up early..My jaunt to the ER to get another MRI on my already busted knee cap will show I have a busted knee cap…lol…but at least the pain meds make ME feel good.  My knee still hurts but at least I will be hovering at 32,000 ft. before too long.  Will attempt to do more research and add a few more pages of my novel..Researching exorcisms are not as fun as you think.  Sometimes dwelling into a flight that offers nothing more than hell, earthfire and brimstone can hardly add to a beautiful day.  This has to be done though, and I shall overcome the side effects.  The next thing to research is finding that diety that fits the criteria I am looking for.  It is wild and scary just how many demons there are out there, and the fact they can be conjured.   Thank God I believe in Him, and that I do not scare easy….Well enough for now…will check back in later.


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