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Well it’s day two or three of my meds, and this blog…what a mix…Hard to get working on the novel when I cannot even tell what is going on….I fall asleep sitting straight up…I never do that.  I cannot figure out how to fix the time on this stupid blog…It is 0352 (am) and underneath where I am blogging it says its 0852….Well today, ive got to gather my faculties and make my shrink appt.  That should be interesting.  Perhaps plenty of cinnamon tea and no medication…ewwww.  But, I will suck it up and march on….when I get home I will drug myself…ha ha ha…I sound like a true junkie….Please know I am not….NO, im serious…j/k.

Wait till my son finds out about these new meds on top of the one’s I already take…he will read me the riot act…I finally quit smoking, I have to stick to my diabetic diet, and all the medication I take is closely monitored…geez, whats a girl to do to have fun anymore….Calgon take me away.

One thing, I promise after I can walk a little better (without crutches), I will add pics and other interesting objects just for your viewing pleasure.

Now back to the novel….my mind races constantly of the different chapters and tempos I’ve got brewing.  My leader board is filled, I already have two notebooks filled with pages, and sticky notes filled with scribbles….I can only promise it will be interesting and scary.  I even have a recording device for those moments when writing just is not fast enuf.  Well going for food…will write more later….


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