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With my head properly shrunken, the drive home was uneventful.  I had every intention to blog and write more novel, but my mate showed up a few minutes after me and began waiting on me whilest I propped my knees up.  After taking my meds and drinking my hot cinnamon tea (my drug of choice these days) I must have drifted off into outer space.  Let’s face it on a handful of prescribed meds (the correct dose) I dont just sleep, I leave the planet.

I think I remember eating dinner and conversing with my sweetie, but it was back to sleep again for me.  With the amount of pain I’m in it is just as well..I recently woke up to drink some water and read a few blogs….now its back to sleep again….it’s almost midnite and I have yet another fun-filled day planned trying to mobilize as graceful as an elephant.  Hope the snow and rain stop…Catch you blogiteers later.



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