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Good afternoon bloggeneers, I hope these words find you warm and happy…It is the afternoon (tea time for me), well actually tea time is during my waking hours but, at any rate I am awake again after sleeping most of the morning away from my medication stupor.  I soon shall be preparing for my weekly raid with my guild on World of Warcraft.  My character is a mage, a level 80 mage whose visits to Northrend dungeons including Icecrown Citadel make for a most spectacular event filled evening which can include but is not limited to cussing at each other.  Let me explain….In the guild I belong to each raid consists of ten players, we all have played this online game for several years so, we know each other fairly well, and the game even better.  It mostly consists of battling dragons, fairies,gnomes, well actually just about anything imaginable.  These battles also consists of factions, alliances, civil wars and an even wider genre of quests to be done as well.  Talk about intricate!…and 95 percent of all players take this game SERIOUSLY.  We are passionate about how we play, what gear we wear ….well you get the idea.  We raid every Friday, Saturday night, often we disagree on strategies in which to attack certain creatures, and I am very quick with colorful metaphors just as any ex-sailor would be.  We stay in communication all the time with a download called Ventrilo’..and the use of a head set with a mic.  Of course I do not cuss anyone out where they can hear it…I choose the silent way, and after taking a poll one night we all agreed that we all do it like that. After spending four hours battling in a dungeon, and some idiot forgot his super ray gun, or forgot to wear his proper head piece and we all die because of it…it does get frustrating.   I enjoy my raid night for better or worse…it is escapism at its  finest….and totaly legal.


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