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Thank Goodness It’s Blogging Friday….ha ha ha…I hope who ever reads this finds them well…I managed a few  moments sleep, the cats kept fighting in bed all night…I have three..Maverikk is a Himalayan, Chesapeake is a mix scrapper (feral but fixed), then there is Fernando, who weighs 9 million pounds and is a big sissy.  They fight over sleeping territory, and it sounds like bombs are going off when they go at it.  After they settle down, all is well with the world., for about ten minutes…apparently someones paw goes over into the demilitarized zone, and then havoc goes off for about twenty minutes…this is a nightly thing.  Finally, when the whole house is asleep, without fail, at two AM, the Himalayan MUST be fed….At this point, the cats no longer belong to me..they belong to my mate…I bury my head under the covers…and pretend I’m in a fallout shelter.  When Maverikk goes off, it agitates the other two and more fighting ensues…..Now it is not like this all the time.  Only at night….In the day time everyone loves everyone, no fighting…everyone is  polite when asking for their meals…I found out when I moved in here that dogs have owners, cats have staff…………….with that…Have a good day.


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