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I just came back from a much-needed ride to the beach.  Sitting in my car, sunroof down…windows down, the sun was shinning and the gulls were gulling…Lady Ga Ga was jamming (so was I), Michael Jackson took the cd player for a while..I was jamming and enjoying the sun, the surf and managed to feel free physically for a while…I am home now with my notes stuffed all cd with all my info for the second part of the trilogy…and am now ready to begin my literary concert….It is good to get a way and do nothing but listen to my music …I play it with deafening sound…the only way to listen to my kind of music…but it works for me…So now with laptop in hand…I will systematically unstuff my notes and continue ….This is one woman’s path to chillin’ out before knuckling back down to my writings….back soon…


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