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Hello blogulites…Yet again another dr. appt…more surgery and fitted braces…and PaInKiLLeRs…ugh, clouding judgement but not the flow of the beat to my second installment of the trilogy novel….Ive decided to also write at least ten, yes! count them, ten more books before going to major publisher….Despite my age…and the fact the market of writers out there is LONG and distinguished…I will create my FORMIDABLE shelf of TERROR books…Ive decided to strictly write TERROR…less blood and gore…although I like blood and gore…My passion is becoming TERROR. 

Our pallet for blood and gore has been scaled over with Freddy Krueger, Clive Barker’s, and such which by the way are the élite and textbook blood and gore…My senses for the macabre have taken on the shape of a new dimension.  Terror does more damage and keeps more lights on at night (for those of you who actually fear the boogeyman).   The movie “The Strangers” was my turning point.  I actually had to remove the chimes from my backyard because it made the same sound as the one in the movie….Laugh if you will, that movie TERRORIZED me.   My repertoire has been repaved…my explorations off to a new direction.  I now must hone the skill it takes to send someone to that light switch at night…or make them take that second look out the window at night before they lay in their slumber….later you zombies!! 


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