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I have received yet MORE pain meds…zomg…I shall be drooling here for too long..I suggest caffiene…but that isn’t good for the…oh well take the stupid pills and shut up…he he he…I actually think people believe I live on meds..and tho I do..I still keep some reality and faculty about me…OH buLLshit who am I trying to hide from…Im a dang fruit cake with a pen…so whatch out…I shall be penning at will….ooops typing too….zomg another monster…the laptop…Take care all…Stay well my lovies….I will.


Not doing anything at all cept sleeping..oh of course I did some kitchen work, some laundry…(will save folding for that second mate gets home so I can make it look live ive been slaving all day).  I am in my sluggish I will see you all in a while…If I don’t fall asleep bloggering-ing-ing.

I have attempted viewing others blogggggs, but I’m seeing double.  It is getting late, and tho I can stay up as long as i wish…i feel its besht that I go to be and continue with the grandiose dreams that my meds offer.  Last night I think I was an wish me luck on flying to another galaxy.  I shall touchdown in the morning…(if you peeps only knew how many times ive misspelled words and had to fix them to make this legible)…Hope you all have a nice evening…Me is..  goodnite

Hello my fellow bloggiemates…For those of you in the deep south, you Texans, and Lewsianians….my heart goes out to ya…I did not blow that snow your way, and I think I look like guilty party when all I do is post pics and talk about snow this, and snow that….rest assured! .. I had nothing to do with this…I pray for your safety and your families’…and do try to stay warm.  If by chance you get antsy and have a camera, could you take some shots and post them for me…Well, try to make the best of it..and be careful…Peace out.

Good afternoon bloggeneers, I hope these words find you warm and happy…It is the afternoon (tea time for me), well actually tea time is during my waking hours but, at any rate I am awake again after sleeping most of the morning away from my medication stupor.  I soon shall be preparing for my weekly raid with my guild on World of Warcraft.  My character is a mage, a level 80 mage whose visits to Northrend dungeons including Icecrown Citadel make for a most spectacular event filled evening which can include but is not limited to cussing at each other.  Let me explain….In the guild I belong to each raid consists of ten players, we all have played this online game for several years so, we know each other fairly well, and the game even better.  It mostly consists of battling dragons, fairies,gnomes, well actually just about anything imaginable.  These battles also consists of factions, alliances, civil wars and an even wider genre of quests to be done as well.  Talk about intricate!…and 95 percent of all players take this game SERIOUSLY.  We are passionate about how we play, what gear we wear ….well you get the idea.  We raid every Friday, Saturday night, often we disagree on strategies in which to attack certain creatures, and I am very quick with colorful metaphors just as any ex-sailor would be.  We stay in communication all the time with a download called Ventrilo’..and the use of a head set with a mic.  Of course I do not cuss anyone out where they can hear it…I choose the silent way, and after taking a poll one night we all agreed that we all do it like that. After spending four hours battling in a dungeon, and some idiot forgot his super ray gun, or forgot to wear his proper head piece and we all die because of it…it does get frustrating.   I enjoy my raid night for better or worse…it is escapism at its  finest….and totaly legal.

Thank Goodness It’s Blogging Friday….ha ha ha…I hope who ever reads this finds them well…I managed a few  moments sleep, the cats kept fighting in bed all night…I have three..Maverikk is a Himalayan, Chesapeake is a mix scrapper (feral but fixed), then there is Fernando, who weighs 9 million pounds and is a big sissy.  They fight over sleeping territory, and it sounds like bombs are going off when they go at it.  After they settle down, all is well with the world., for about ten minutes…apparently someones paw goes over into the demilitarized zone, and then havoc goes off for about twenty minutes…this is a nightly thing.  Finally, when the whole house is asleep, without fail, at two AM, the Himalayan MUST be fed….At this point, the cats no longer belong to me..they belong to my mate…I bury my head under the covers…and pretend I’m in a fallout shelter.  When Maverikk goes off, it agitates the other two and more fighting ensues…..Now it is not like this all the time.  Only at night….In the day time everyone loves everyone, no fighting…everyone is  polite when asking for their meals…I found out when I moved in here that dogs have owners, cats have staff…………….with that…Have a good day.

Well, slept in till 1000 hrs., legs dint wanna work.  Managed coat and hat and of course crutches, then the 100 mile walk to my car…or so it seemed that way.  Jaunted to ATM, then off to make car payment.  Sun was bright today, no snow….and it was even 45 degrees.  Am in a lot of pain so words will be short.  Pizza Hut is on the way, will mix that with my chemical cocktail and melt back into the couch for the rest of the day.  CBS will air ‘Survivor’, and ‘Bones’ will be on another channel, thank God for DVR.  Will check in later, till then have a nice day…………..

With my head properly shrunken, the drive home was uneventful.  I had every intention to blog and write more novel, but my mate showed up a few minutes after me and began waiting on me whilest I propped my knees up.  After taking my meds and drinking my hot cinnamon tea (my drug of choice these days) I must have drifted off into outer space.  Let’s face it on a handful of prescribed meds (the correct dose) I dont just sleep, I leave the planet.

I think I remember eating dinner and conversing with my sweetie, but it was back to sleep again for me.  With the amount of pain I’m in it is just as well..I recently woke up to drink some water and read a few blogs….now its back to sleep again….it’s almost midnite and I have yet another fun-filled day planned trying to mobilize as graceful as an elephant.  Hope the snow and rain stop…Catch you blogiteers later.


Ok, with winds howling, and snow falling this trek to the head shrinker may prove to be adventurous…Since it rarely snows here close to the coast, these Hamptonians have no clue how to drive in it…Since I am the snow baby I will not be throwing caution to the wind.  So with bated breath I am soon to embark on this trek.  I hope to check in with my fellow blogulites later…till then….play nice.

I sure hope you click on the Snowy Delerium…..this happened in a span of four hours….brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well it’s day two or three of my meds, and this blog…what a mix…Hard to get working on the novel when I cannot even tell what is going on….I fall asleep sitting straight up…I never do that.  I cannot figure out how to fix the time on this stupid blog…It is 0352 (am) and underneath where I am blogging it says its 0852….Well today, ive got to gather my faculties and make my shrink appt.  That should be interesting.  Perhaps plenty of cinnamon tea and no medication…ewwww.  But, I will suck it up and march on….when I get home I will drug myself…ha ha ha…I sound like a true junkie….Please know I am not….NO, im serious…j/k.

Wait till my son finds out about these new meds on top of the one’s I already take…he will read me the riot act…I finally quit smoking, I have to stick to my diabetic diet, and all the medication I take is closely monitored…geez, whats a girl to do to have fun anymore….Calgon take me away.

One thing, I promise after I can walk a little better (without crutches), I will add pics and other interesting objects just for your viewing pleasure.

Now back to the novel….my mind races constantly of the different chapters and tempos I’ve got brewing.  My leader board is filled, I already have two notebooks filled with pages, and sticky notes filled with scribbles….I can only promise it will be interesting and scary.  I even have a recording device for those moments when writing just is not fast enuf.  Well going for food…will write more later….

Well yet another day up early..My jaunt to the ER to get another MRI on my already busted knee cap will show I have a busted knee cap…lol…but at least the pain meds make ME feel good.  My knee still hurts but at least I will be hovering at 32,000 ft. before too long.  Will attempt to do more research and add a few more pages of my novel..Researching exorcisms are not as fun as you think.  Sometimes dwelling into a flight that offers nothing more than hell, earthfire and brimstone can hardly add to a beautiful day.  This has to be done though, and I shall overcome the side effects.  The next thing to research is finding that diety that fits the criteria I am looking for.  It is wild and scary just how many demons there are out there, and the fact they can be conjured.   Thank God I believe in Him, and that I do not scare easy….Well enough for now…will check back in later.

I have had the idea of writing a novel since I was a little girl.  I am 49, and though I have lived and I mean really lived enough for six lifetimes, I wish to get started.  I have the outline, the research that I must do, and the resources, it’s the tenacity that has gotten the fire lit under my ass.  I have notebooks of scratches of paper, I totally use my laptop to capture the words…and my USB drive to copy things that I feel like I have to read over.

I wish more than anything I could have someone near me to act as  the sounding board.  I have so many ideas of what I want to do….I have a friend many miles from me, she is a great help to me.  It’s like I would like a partner to aid me in writing this…a partner close by.  I have every intention on finishing this….I even have a publishing company already wanting to see the product.  I will deal with that later.  The story is science fiction and horror.  It is a secret dream to have it made into a movie…I think it would be a good one.  I will keep you all abreast of the growing of my novel.  I have all ideas it will be good.  My meds are kicking in now…I shall write more later….peace out.

I woke up in a crappy mood.  Then I thought what good would it do anyone if I were to carry on that way….??   I want to spread love, not erase it…Smile when you feel like ripping someone’s head off….Being in pain does not help my demeanor…so I have to come up with things that will cause me to overcome.   Hope this works.   Have a blessed day.Togetherness

…Here I am again..ready to step out into the world myself.  I’m apprehensive and a little anxious…but that is just me.  Have a doctor appt.  that means I show up at his office and wait for an hour to see him, then when I do..I get shots in my knees, a prescription and I’m outta there…all that wait for a few minutes of his time.  Don’t get me wrong…I like my doctor but, like every other doctor the wait is long, and the one on one with him is a matter of a few minutes….Hmmm, I wonder why that is…NOT..oh well, could be worse.  Well, will blog later when I return.  Peace out.